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YEAH! The new baltimore club website is online! Good domain name, edited theme and a possibility to digg and tweet a post! I have a lot of bmore to give to you the next week! So go to the new website!



Some genius named DJ Orion send me some bmore remixes of salsa/bossanova songs! See his myspace for the tour dates. This man is going around the world!


DJ Orion – Ritmo De Juventud

DJ Orion – La Burita

im 19 year old producer from west london, UK. fell in love with bmore through hearing rob threezy tunes. im djing out and about at a few top london clubs like punk, mahiki and bungalow 8 and just want to get feedback on my productions. my alias is cadenza.



Cadenza – XTC


History in the mail! A 17 years old kid from Houston! What do you think? Drop it in the comments!

ok. so about me. im 17 and i live in Houston. im frm bmore & east st.louis. ive been making music for 3 yearz. i make hiphop, bmore, and im bout 2 go electronic. i havent had any gigz yet but a couple of my songz hit da chartz for DJ mixes of da month on and im #21 [i passed up blaqstarrs song] im currently tryna start DJ’ing. and i hope 2 be signed on a label like Mad Decent or Unruly one day. my myspace is


Kanye West – Love Lockdown (Hi$TORY. remix)

Hi$TORY – Letz Party

Scratchers Delight are 2 ‘hiphop’ DJ’s from the UK. Who impressed me with a wonderfull mixtape with all bmore herous  like Ayres, Tittsworth, KW Griff, Technics and Scottie B.  Scratchers Delight introduces themself.

We are Scratchers Delight from the UK….. 2 DJs 4 Decks an a loads of tunes we have jus discovered Bmore an this is our first Bmore mixtape…. Normally we cut an mix Hip Hop but have stepped out of our comfort zone to create something a lil different with more to follow… This one was only sent out to other DJs and insiders on the scene!!!! So far so good!!!!

scratchers bmore

1/ Dikulous: U Know What To Doo
2/ Rod Lee: Understand
3/ Tittsworth: In Yo Face
4/ Dave Nada: Spell On You
5/ Technics: What Not What
6/ Tittsworth: September
7/ DJ Ayres: Go Back
8/ Technics: Mr Postman
9/ KW Griff: Respect
10/ Dave Nada: Where Brooklyn At?
11/ DJ Ayres: One More Time
12/ Curtis Vodka: Love Me Or Hate Me
13/ Tittsworth: Brains
14/ Scottie B: Find A Way
15/ Diplo: Wassup Wassup Feat; Rye Rye
16/ Sammy Bananas: Dat Funk
17/ Jim Sharp: Champion Junglist Sound
18/ D**kline & Red Polo: Let It Bump (Hydroz RMX)
19/ Slybeats: Baltimore Pimpin
20/ Rampage: Real Love


Blastto from Guadalajara, Spain dropped a remix in my dropbox! Pretty nice remix of 13th floor elevators! Blastto is a dj/producer who is  drum n bass but he also made a bmore track! Enjoy!


13th Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss You (Blastto bmore remix)


DJ Real Juicy from the White Folks Get Crunk website mailed me his new song. And to be honest its great! Nice claps, nice kicks and i think this works very well in the club! The original is also nice!



Never Scared (DJ Real Juicy Mix) – Bonecrusher feat. T.I.

PS see his website White Folks Get Crunk. They got much good bmore news.

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