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YEAH! The new baltimore club website is online! Good domain name, edited theme and a possibility to digg and tweet a post! I have a lot of bmore to give to you the next week! So go to the new website!



I found some bmore samples. I put it in a .rar file for the producers to download. I contains  claps, sing sing, breaks, bass and kicks!


Download bmore samples // link is fixed

Last week I post bmore samples. This time DJ Booman is showing you how to make baltimore. He is saying “somebody says its just a kick, a sample and a sing sing. WRONG!” Ok I get it how do make bmore? Mail it to me.  But first watch DJ Booman how he makes bmore.

Bmore club is mostly made by breakbeat samples but often 2 songs are being used. Sing Sing by Gaz and Lyn Collins – Think. Lyn Collins is known for working with James Brown. Lyn Collins is being sampled many many times mostly by hiphop artits but also by baltimore club artists. You can listned to the songs below.

Gaz – Sing Sing

Lyn Collins – Think

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