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YEAH! The new baltimore club website is online! Good domain name, edited theme and a possibility to digg and tweet a post! I have a lot of bmore to give to you the next week! So go to the new website!



Yeah the Chavy Boyz(Scottie B, Shawn Ceasar & King Tutt) made a mix with a lot of unruly records tracks. Even a DJ Mujava’s township funk Scottie B remix! Enjoy!


01 KW Griff – “Pork and Swift”
02 DJ Class – “Im the Ish (Remix)’
03 Rod Lee – “Crazy Legs’
04 Chavy Boys – “George’s Groove”
05 DJ Booman – “Feel Like Dancin”
06 Chavy Boys – “Sets Up”
07 Crookers – “Big Money Comin”
08 Mr Oizo – “Gay Dentist”
09 Diplo – “Wassup Wassup (Crookers Remix)”
10 Rex the Dog – “Bubblicious (Congrorock Remix)”
11 Aston Shuffle – “For Everyone (Stupid Fresh Mix)”
12 Chavy Boys – “Sis”
13 Paz – “Raw”
14 DJ Mujava – “Township Funk (Scottie B Remix)”
15 Nick Thayer – “War Joint”
16 Scottie B – “Build a Beat”
17 Sagat – “Fuk Dat Again feat. Yo Majesty and Scottie B”
18 Chavy Boys – “Yay Thon”
19 Fatty Arbuckles – “Arab Collection (Scottie B Remix)”
20 Chavy Boys – “Peggy”
21 Chavy Boys – “Weirdo”
22 Technics – “RadioHead Beatdown”
23 Technics – “RadioHead FX Mix”
24 DJ Will Roc – “Unruly Radio (Shawn Caesar’s My Crew Be Unruly Remix)”
25 DJ King Tutt – “Future Remix Featuring Kellee Maize”
26 Simon Harris – “Ya Bad Sista Break”
27 DJ Scottie B Vs. DJ Unk – “In Yo Face (Scottie B Remix)”
28 Say Wut – “GO Part 1″
29 Bamabounce – “Punch Em In Da Face”

Download at xlr8r

His sweet dreams baltimore remix is downloaded over 333 times! He also reminded me he has a mixtape out!

rubix mixtape

1. Rubix – Intro
2. Munk – Down in L.A. (Shazam remix)
3. Monoblok – Don’t neeed a Thing
4. Modjo – Lady (Mano Baltimore Remix)
5. Mr. Oizo – Cut Dick
6. Surkin – Ghetto Obsessions (acapella)
7. DJ Rob 3 – The Chase
8. Shane Shoe – All Of Me (Estaw refix)
9. Mr Oizo ft Uffie Seroirds
10. Daft Punk – Robot Club Rock ( Dj B-Stee Remix)
11. Rubix – Sweet Dreams Baltimore Bootleg
12. Secnario Rock – Skitzo Dancer (Justice Remix) (acapella)
13. Rubix – Baiser Sur La Disco
14. Buffalo Bunch – T.I.T.T.S.
15. Daft Punk – High Life
16. Dj Fast Eddie – Lets go
17. Mr Oizo – Gay Dentist
18. Van She – Stangers (Strip Steve remix)
19. Mr Oizo – Positief
20. Thomas Bangalter – Colosses
21. Ricochet – Feel MY MF Bass in yo face(acapella)
22. Rhythm Masters – Psycho
23. Rubix – Baiser Sur La Disco (Grand Jackson remix)

Rubix  – Disco Pour Les Enfants Mixtape


A friend from The Netherlands has made a new baltimore mix! Below a short impression of some songs and further below you can download the mix!

1. P.Y.T. – Samir
2. September – Tittsworth
3. 4 Tops – Tittsworth
4. Stayin’ Alive – Tameil/Tittsworth
5. 50’s theme – Samir
6. Come On Boy – Technics
7. Lil’ Egypt – Samir
8. Foot Stomping – KW Griff
9. Spell on you – Dave Nada
10. Funky – Dukeyman/Technics
11. Git your punk ass up – Cornbread/Scottie b
12. Swing dat sh*t – Tim Dolla
13. Reggae Time – Blaqstarr
14. Niggaz Fighting – Scottie b
15. Throw It Up – Samir
16. The Force – KW Griff
17. Quiet Storm – Blaqstarr
18. Nelly Theme – Technics
19. My neck, my back – Tameil
20. Oochie Wally – Technics
21. Money In Da Bank – Tameil
22. Jamrock – Tameil
23. Always On Time – Samir
24. Promise – Tim Dolla

Country Gramma Club Mix – E Acapulco

Scratchers Delight are 2 ‘hiphop’ DJ’s from the UK. Who impressed me with a wonderfull mixtape with all bmore herous  like Ayres, Tittsworth, KW Griff, Technics and Scottie B.  Scratchers Delight introduces themself.

We are Scratchers Delight from the UK….. 2 DJs 4 Decks an a loads of tunes we have jus discovered Bmore an this is our first Bmore mixtape…. Normally we cut an mix Hip Hop but have stepped out of our comfort zone to create something a lil different with more to follow… This one was only sent out to other DJs and insiders on the scene!!!! So far so good!!!!

scratchers bmore

1/ Dikulous: U Know What To Doo
2/ Rod Lee: Understand
3/ Tittsworth: In Yo Face
4/ Dave Nada: Spell On You
5/ Technics: What Not What
6/ Tittsworth: September
7/ DJ Ayres: Go Back
8/ Technics: Mr Postman
9/ KW Griff: Respect
10/ Dave Nada: Where Brooklyn At?
11/ DJ Ayres: One More Time
12/ Curtis Vodka: Love Me Or Hate Me
13/ Tittsworth: Brains
14/ Scottie B: Find A Way
15/ Diplo: Wassup Wassup Feat; Rye Rye
16/ Sammy Bananas: Dat Funk
17/ Jim Sharp: Champion Junglist Sound
18/ D**kline & Red Polo: Let It Bump (Hydroz RMX)
19/ Slybeats: Baltimore Pimpin
20/ Rampage: Real Love


Maggie Horn is a singer/dj/rapper made a mixtape that is mixed by the almighty DJ Scottie B. Tracks with DJ Sujinho, EPYMD, DJ Teenwolf/Ninjasonik, LELE and Blaqstarr! It’s a perfect mix between electro, bmore and hiphop.


Maggie Horn – Siren mixtape (mixed by scottie b)

MNUVRS made a nice mixtape!

01: Rob 3 – Mike Tyson Theme #2
02: DJ Sega – Woo Hah! 2
03: DJ Tameil – Bump Like This
04: Tim Dolla – Number Advisory
05: DJ Sega – Power Ranger’s Theme
06: DJ R.L. – Come On Baby
07: DJ Sega – Boss Theme
08: Rob 3- Bounce / Hoochie Mama
09: Maddjazz – Let Me Show You
10: Better Then You (Acapella)
11: Rob 3 – Xplosion
12: DJ Lil – Dis Shit Right Here
13: Jose 2 Hype – Be Free (Rob 3 Remix)
14: The Loungin Collective – Riddim Come 4ward (Herve’s Fire Pon Dem Mix)
15: Rampage – Fire
16: The Requesters – Strong Love
17: Mato Grasso – Thunder (Remix)
18: Bird Peterson – Shooked
19: Voodoo Child – Voodoo Child
20: Romanthony – Let Me Show You Love (Quick Dub)
21: Rejected – Let’s Go Juno (Harvard Bass More Chords)
22: Malente & Dex – Hyperactive (Bobmo Remix)
23: Maddjazz – I Don’t Play (Acapella)
24: 2wice As Hard – Feel the Beat
25: The Flight – Shuttle Flight
26: Rob Threezy – Let’s Go Ravers
27: Big Sister – Round & Round
28: Diplo ft Rye Rye – Wassup Wassup (Crookers Happy Remix)
29: Destroy Disco – Hello
30: The PJ Project – Cum On
31: The PJ Project – I Feel Good
32: Rampage – Do You Ever
33: Dave Spoon – Background Noise
34: Boy 8-Bit – Wolfen
35: Josh Wink – Don’t Laugh (Acapella)
36: Roy Davis Jr – About Love (Solid Groove Mix)
37: Kenneth Bager – Fragment Seven (Les Fleur) (Jesse Rose Remix)


A new mix from Dirty South Joe for the promotion of the Brick Bandits EP. But it on Turntablelab.


1. dj sega-colours
2. glitch-stringles
3. mike v-feelings
4. dj s dot-radar
5. dj dru-outer space
6. dj dru & bleszt-rock yo body
7. dj jayhood & bleszt-back it up
8. dj tiga-do bad thingz
9. dj tameil-i’d rather
10. dj fresh-heartless
11. dj tim dolla-let’s bang
12. dj roadrunnah-let’s get it on
13. dj sick-my freedom
14. maddjazz-let me show you
15. rampage-fire
16. dj rob 3-xplosion
17. dj tone-let da track rock
18. dj r.l.-da kidz
19. dj imfamouzz-dew doo drumline
20. sheesh bros (dj sick & dj spazz)-the breaks
21. lolz royce-chime dat shyt (dj stumble remix)

Dirty South Joe – Brick Bandits Breakout

Yes it’s Kanye week! First we have kanye’s Love Lockdown remix by Solly and then the Amazing remix by articulate! DJ Benzi and Plain Pat made a Kanye West Mixtape with remixes of tracks by A-trak, Nick Catchdubs, Cousin Cole, DJ Benzi, Eli Escobar, DJ Godfather and our bmore hero Scottie B. Scottie B made a remix from the track ‘I Wonder’. The whole mixtape is downloadable benzi & plain pat present.. sky high”! The Scottie B remix you can download from zshare below the image!

kanye west sky high remix mixtape

Kanye West – I Wonder (Scottie B remix)

Claire hux made a mixtape! Claire hux is group with the membert Dlake, Symbol and DJ Morsy! This mixtape is hype, banging, funky, hard and most of all fresh!

Supported by Scottie B


Download on

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