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Scratchers Delight are 2 ‘hiphop’ DJ’s from the UK. Who impressed me with a wonderfull mixtape with all bmore herous  like Ayres, Tittsworth, KW Griff, Technics and Scottie B.  Scratchers Delight introduces themself.

We are Scratchers Delight from the UK….. 2 DJs 4 Decks an a loads of tunes we have jus discovered Bmore an this is our first Bmore mixtape…. Normally we cut an mix Hip Hop but have stepped out of our comfort zone to create something a lil different with more to follow… This one was only sent out to other DJs and insiders on the scene!!!! So far so good!!!!

scratchers bmore

1/ Dikulous: U Know What To Doo
2/ Rod Lee: Understand
3/ Tittsworth: In Yo Face
4/ Dave Nada: Spell On You
5/ Technics: What Not What
6/ Tittsworth: September
7/ DJ Ayres: Go Back
8/ Technics: Mr Postman
9/ KW Griff: Respect
10/ Dave Nada: Where Brooklyn At?
11/ DJ Ayres: One More Time
12/ Curtis Vodka: Love Me Or Hate Me
13/ Tittsworth: Brains
14/ Scottie B: Find A Way
15/ Diplo: Wassup Wassup Feat; Rye Rye
16/ Sammy Bananas: Dat Funk
17/ Jim Sharp: Champion Junglist Sound
18/ D**kline & Red Polo: Let It Bump (Hydroz RMX)
19/ Slybeats: Baltimore Pimpin
20/ Rampage: Real Love


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